Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Winchester Bay's Flounder Fishing

fishing for flounder in the Pacific Ocean can be a lot of fun if performed properly. My "home base" for ocean fishing resides out of Winchester Bay, Oregon. It's harbor, Salmon Harbor, pretty much explains things. Winchester Bay is located between Florence (to the north), and North Bend, along the Southern Oregon Coast Highway 101.
Let's say that for what ever the reason, the salmon fishing isn't very hot for the time being, and you are getting anxious to have something, anything, tugging on your line. Not a problem. Just head in towards the mouth of the Umpqua River, near the red whistler (second buoy used for navigation), and drop a surf leader (two or three hooks attached) with half inch strips of squid or hearing, and five to six ounces of lead.
Try jigging with smooth pulls, while feeling the weight "ping" the 120 to 150 foot bottom each time. You are sure to rip into the sand dabs (limit of 25), but every so often, you'll get a nice pull-down. More than likely, this is your flounder fighting to get back down to where it came from.

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